a cloud-based cannabis tracking solution


Lumina℠ has been developed by a group of nationally recognized physicians and scientists in an effort to deliver an authentic clinical cannabis experience. Our easy-to-use platform accumulates self-reported client data that will be used to provide the most successful form of treatment.  

SCIENce driven

Lumina℠ scientifically approaches cannabis by tracking and analyzing self-reported client data. These statistics will guide consumers through a safe product selection that matches symptoms with specific strains, routes of administration and dosage for the optimum desired effect.


Lumina℠ generates statistics that will provide the information needed to make an appropriate strain selection for peak efficacy. Our product tracks  and directly reports the possibility of drug-drug interactions, adverse events, side effects and efficacy for a given cannabis strain.


At Sativa Science, we believe that you, the consumer, should be equipped with all of the information needed to make safe, healthy and efficient decisions about your cannabis consumption. 

While cannabis has made progressive strides, both culturally and scientifically, we are here to help cannabis consumers and the cannabis industry alike become accepted and normalized through the use of science. 

We Help Cannabis Consumers…

Treat medical conditions

Most notably, our program works with those suffering with epilepsy, sleep disorders, pain, anxiety, addiction, nausea, tremor and spasticity.

personalize experiences

Tracking your response and personalized dosing are two key components of successful therapy. Discover how cannabis works for you.

find effective treatments

Become part of a growing patient group advancing the potential of cannabis. Make scientific decisions based on real patient experience and your needs.

access education

Through your free patient portal, you have the ability to identify any known interactions between your cannabis selection and your prescription drugs.

for Cannabis Consumers

Our purpose is to help cannabis consumers discover powerful alternative therapies, track their usage, and experience symptom relief.

Medical marijuana has great potential to treat many illnesses. But, until now, there has not been a scientific method that guides cannabis consumers through their strain choice, route of administration, or dosing selection. 

Lumina℠ ethically provides a secure, data-driven marijuana tracking solution that will finally provide maximum symptom relief given the client’s “best match” obtained from our analytics. Our product is safe and easy to use as it helps you track your long-term cannabis experiences and preferences. 

Lumina’s generated statistics will provide cannabis consumers and their budtenders alike with the information needed to make an appropriate strain selection for peak efficacy and reduced side effects given any of the client’s symptoms. Our built-in, comprehensive reporting and research capabilities will also provide a scientific basis for compounding, or mixing multiple strains together, to create an extremely personalized treatment for optimized cannabis therapy.

In addition, our revolutionary system tracks and directly reports drug-drug interactions, adverse events, side effects, and positive outcomes for a given cannabis strain at the point of sale. As the cannabis consumer, you will be immediately informed of how your medications or medical history could affect your cannabis use and selection. 

Let Sativa Science help you live symptom-free and subscribe to Lumina℠ today!