a cloud-based cannabis tracking solution


Lumina℠ has been developed by a group of nationally recognized physicians and scientists in an effort to deliver an authentic clinical cannabis experience. Our easy-to-use platform accumulates self-reported client data that will be used to provide the most successful form of treatment.  

SCIENce driven

Lumina℠ scientifically approaches cannabis by tracking and analyzing self-reported client data. These statistics will guide consumers through a safe product selection that matches symptoms with specific strains, routes of administration and dosage for the optimum desired effect.


Lumina℠ generates statistics that will provides information needed to make an appropriate strain selection for peak efficacy. Our product  tracks and directly reports the possibility of drug-drug interactions, adverse events, side effects and efficacy for a given cannabis strain.


At Sativa Science, we believe that your dispensary should be equipped with all of the tools necessary to provide the highest quality of care for your clients and to succeed in the ever-changing cannabis industry.

As the cannabis community makes it shift into the cannabis industry, dispensaries are at the forefront, paving the way for consumer accessibility and education. Sativa Science is here to help your dispensary do just that, as we guide you through the development of unique therapies and advance the science of medical cannabis.

We Help Cannabis Dispensaries…


Satisfied customers will positively associate with your storefront, frequently revisit and share their effective experience with friends and family.


Limit the the uncertainty that accompanies a cannabis company. Our direct reporting helps your dispensary stay informed and educated.


Your advertising capabilities will be elevated, as you can finally market a strain for its desired outcomes. Our program puts this information at your fingertips!


Create a standard for the industry with your medical cannabis clinic. Our system gives you the capabilities to run a competitive data-driven dispensary.

for Cannabis Dispensaries

Our purpose is to help dispensaries provide maximum symptom relief for their clients, increase customer loyalty and retention, and establish scientific credibility in the medical cannabis industry.

Lumina℠ provides science-based, data-driven medical cannabis competency to dispensaries through a cost-effective, secure, minimally disruptive, comprehensive tracking solution. Our product is a cloud-based, easy-to-use cannabis software program that can be utilized by dispensaries to ensure maximum symptom relief through the “best match” obtained from our analytics. 

The Sativa Science team has programmed Lumina’s relational database system from the ground up, which allows us to easily integrate our product into existing POS systems or add other essential features. 

Lumina℠ provides budtenders with data-driven information to inform strain selection, as our program includes direct reporting and alerts for adverse events, side effects, or possible drug interactions at the point of sale. With our built-in comprehensive reporting and research capabilities, the most efficient cannabis strain, route of administration, and dosage for each patient is available at the budtender’s fingertips to create an extremely personal and tailored treatment for all clients. 

For our vendors that strive to enhance their reputation as a medical provider, we offer a state-of-the-art virtual training program. Our program is both designed and taught by MD, PhD, and PharmD cannabis experts. Our courses, ranging from introductory to advanced, cover every aspect of medical cannabis for multi-level users. Not only the Lumina℠ program, but the corresponding training program will be instrumental in defining a “standard of care” for your medical marijuana clinics. 

Let us help you become a Sativa Science certified clinic today!