a cloud-based cannabis tracking solution


Lumina℠ has been developed by a group of nationally recognized physicians and scientists in an effort to deliver an authentic clinical cannabis experience. Our easy-to-use platform accumulates your data in an easy to use format. You can easily give your doctor access, or keep all your data private. It’s your choice.

SCIENce driven

Lumina℠ scientifically approaches cannabis by tracking and analyzing self-reported patient data. It  generates statistics that will provide the information needed to make an appropriate strain selection for peak efficacy.


Lumina℠ tracks and directly reports the possibility of  drug-drug interactions, adverse events, side effects and efficacy for a given cannabis strain.   Need a physician? See our list of Sativa Science providers.


At Sativa Science, we believe that you, the consumer, should be equipped with all of the information needed to make safe, healthy, and efficient decisions about your cannabis consumption. 

Cannabis has made progressive strides, both culturally and scientifically, we are here to help cannabis consumers and the cannabis industry alike become accepted and normalized through the use of science. 

We Help Cannabis Patients…

find Cannabis physicians

Find a physician near you that uses Lumina. Visit our Cannabis clinics resource page.

Own your medical data

In Lumina, you own all of your own data. You always have access to all of your medical records, and only the physicians that you choose can see them.

find effective treatments

Become part of a growing patient group advancing the potential of cannabis. Make scientific decisions based on your personal experience and needs.


Through your free patient portal, you have the ability to identify any known interactions between your cannabis selection and your prescription drugs.