Sativa Science makes no therapeutic claims about any of our products. All of the listed products are supplements. We believe any recommendations regarding the use of these products for health reasons should come from a health care provider. Don’t have one?  See our list of providers with expertise in Cannabis.

Why believe we have the best medical grade products on the medical Cannabis market. This is because we concentrate on only a few of the most clinically useful molecules. We have focused our development on sound pharmacologic principles. 

Purity:  Our cannabis gel caps contain only high grade hemp extracts sourced from reputable growers with contaminant testing of the raw hemp prior to processing, and again after processing into isolates. The cannabinoids in our products are extracted with advanced methods, which require no harsh solvents. Our products are cGMP certified demonstrating they are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and our facilities are ISO certified ensuring we consistently exceed the highest regulatory requirements of quality, consistency, and safety. Each batch of final product is tested for cannabinoid purity by Sativa Science in an independent laboratory and is guaranteed to be pure. We meet current FDA standards for purity and potency.

Bioavailability: To maximize bioavailability, these highly purifed isolates are homogenized with extra virgin (unprocessed) olive oil, a long chain triglyceride (LCT). Using olive oil as the carrier results in 3-4 times great lymphatic absorption versus median chain triglycerides. This means less of the molecule is being metabolized by the liver, thus higher serum concentrations.

Easy Oral Dosing: Our softgels are dosed once or twice daily in strengths that make sense

High Patient Compliance: Our vegan sofgels are made from plant derived materials (cassava root extract), and come in induction sealed bottles. Our 0.5 ml sofegels are small, easy to swallow, and shipped directly to your patients home.

´╗┐Reproducible Potency, means no variability month to month

Robust Supply Chain. This means you are assured of continued access to products that work. Affordable: We work hard to keep our products affordable to patients. We have the lowest cost molecules available.

Our Current Product Line

50 mg CBC (cannabichromene)

30 gel caps


$0.06 / mg

100 mg CBG (cannabigerol)

30 gel caps


$0.04 / mg

30 mg CBN (cannabinol)

30 gel caps


$0.08 / mg

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150 mg CBD (cannabidiol)

30 gel caps


$0.03 / mg

75 mg CBD (cannabidiol)

30 gel caps


$0.04 / mg