a cloud-based, clinical trial grade, EMR enhancer

PHYSICIAN designed

Lumina℠ has been developed by a group of nationally recognized physicians and scientists in an effort to deliver a scientific approach to cannabinoid medicine. Our easy-to-use platform accumulates both self-reported and physician encounter patient data. 

SCIENce driven

Lumina℠ scientifically approaches cannabis by tracking and analyzing patient data. It generates statistics that will provide the information needed to make an appropriate strain selection for peak efficacy.  It is also a proprietary, SaaS based EMR enhancer that provides daily practice and multiple clinical trial capability options.


Lumina℠ is fully HIPAA compliant, with encrypted, highly secure databases and servers.  No one has access to any patient identifying information unless given express permission by the patient.


At Sativa Science, we believe that a scientific, clinically sound approach to using cannabinoids in your patient population is important. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

There are many hurdles for physicians wanting to prescribe Cannabis. Some major concerns are product selection and availability, integrating data collection into an EMR capable of tracking a variety of safety and efficacy measures, and providing robust patient data analytics. Lumina does just that. With our proprietary system, you will have all the data you need at your fingertips. With features not available in your EMR, Lumina collects prospective data on side effects, adverse events, drug-to-drug interactions, and quantitative efficacy. This system is used by practicing physicians for day to day clinic visits and a variety of clinical trials. Contact us for a demo today.