Sativa Science is dedicated to advancing cannabinoid science and consumer safety. We offer a complete medical cannabis clinic management system, including a proprietary formulary designed by a panel of cannabis physician experts. We believe that medical cannabis is underused and the current system for patient care is primitive. Our vision is to help create a new generation of medical cannabis clinics which will provide long-term, sustained treatment for disease.

The heart of our system is Lumina℠,  a cloud-based cannabis use tracking tool for patients, dispensaries and physicians, designed by physicians, to ensure safety and provide evidence-based guidance in cannabis strain selection. With our expert physician guidance, hands-on training for providers, and our flagship product, Lumina℠, we provide a completely modernized medical cannabis clinic solution.

Our flagship product


Our physician-led, science-based approach to medical cannabis empowers patients to maximize the benefits from their cannabis experience. Whether you are a medical-use or an adult-use client, Lumina will guide you through a safe product selection by matching your symptoms with the appropriate cannabis strain, form and dosage.

For Cannabis


  • Triple your patient volume and enhance retention
  • Capture and analyze valuable long-term data
  • Identify beneficial strains that improve patient outcomes
  • Benefit from an increase in physician referrals to your clinic
  • Market yourself as a Sativa Science certified clinic
  • Treat specific symptoms
  • Access our proprietary formulary and dosing guidelines

For Cannabis


  • Scientifically track medical and recreational effects of your cannabis therapy
  • Identify the most effective strain for your needs
  • Determine the most effective route of administration
  • Experience therapy based on your history and medications
  • Get a consultation with a Sativa Science doctor.
  • Share important information with your physician
  • Discover safe and effective cannabis use