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Maxville-based Canobi AgTech is the brainchild of indoor farming visionary Robin Vincent. Food security, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and commercial agriculture sustainability are at the core of Canobi’s mission to empower local indoor farming. Canobi’s AGRP (Agricultural Resource PlanningTM) platform integrates monitoring and automation technology with powerful business planning tools to streamline indoor farming operations.

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Canobi AgTech Partners with Sativa Science to Close Medical Cannabis Data Gaps

Maxville, Ontario, Canada – September 20, 2022: Canobi AgTech is pleased to introduce our new Solutions Partner, Sativa Science. A physician-led company dedicated to advancing cannabinoid science and consumer safety, Sativa Science is working to fill the medical cannabis knowledge gap that is preventing patients from getting accurate medical guidance from dispensaries and physicians.

Sativa’s software system LuminaSM is a cloud-based cannabis use guide and tracking tool for physicians, patients, dispensaries, and regulatory bodies. “Interactions between cannabinoids and other prescription drugs can negatively alter the effects of both. Heart attacks also appear more commonly among cannabis users compared to non-users,” warns Dr. Thomas Swanson, Sativa Science founder and CEO.

LuminaSM helps to ensure safety with real time tracking of adverse events, side effects, and drug interactions. Combining Lumina’s innovative SaaS-based solution with cutting edge scientific understanding of cannabis therapy allows recommendations based on up-to-date science, provides evidence-based guidance in product selection, and identifies best-in-class disease specific cannabis therapies. This is just what dispensaries and physicians need.

We use crowd-sourced data to identify top performing products. This enables growers, dispensaries, and medical professionals to determine potentially beneficial strains, and molecules within those strains, that may show the most clinical promise, ” explains Dr. Swanson.

Sativa Science’s extensive experience with clinic operations will be leveraged in Canobi’s AGRPTM platform for clinic management. The integration of Sativa Science’s Lumina application into the Canobi AGRPTM for monitoring and automation is also a game-changer for growers.

“Once the end users have identified a particular benefit, farmers can use Canobi to reproduce those growing conditions exactly, providing a consistent product,” says Canobi AgTech CEO Robin Vincent. “It’s a win-win-win for growers, dispensaries, and customers.”

Together Canobi AgTech and Sativa Science are working to help farmers, physicians, and patients make data-driven decisions.